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75+ Best WordPress Shortcodes Plugins

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Introduced in wordpress shortcodes plugins are a very easy way to display lot of things on your blog posts by inserting a simple code in template.

WordPress Shortcodes Plugins can be extremely handy to add extra functions or design features to your site, lots of themes these days have them built-in which probably isnt the best way to handle them as if you change themes you will lose functionality.
It allows you to add dynamic information to any post, page, and with a single line text widget.
How easy you ask?
A better way is to have them included within a plugin so even if you change themes, all those codes contained within your posts will still be there.
There is a good range of free and commercial plugins which provide extra shortcode functionality and even let you create your own custom ones.
So lets take a look what is on offer..
In this article, we going to show 75+ incredible things WordPress Shortcodes Plugins can do.
Let’s look at some examples so I can show you just how easy it is to use.

Let’s get started!

iTunes Shortcode WordPress Plugin

iTunes Shortcode is a WordPress Plugin, which allows you to present always up-to-date information about iTunes Store products (Mac and iOS App Store Apps, iBook Store Ebooks and iTunes Music Store Albums/Songs – more is coming soon) in posts in a simple and elegant way and to earn money in the iTunes Affiliate Program.


itunes shortcode wordpress plugin

Envato Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Envato Shortcode is a WordPress Plugin, which allows you to present always up-to-date information about products from the all of Envato Markets (ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, Codecanyon, VideoHive, PhotoDune, 3DOcean, AudioJungle, ActiveDen) in posts in a elegant and simple way and to earn money in the Envato Affiliate Program.

envato shortcode wordpress plugin

KnB, Knowledge Base / Wiki Shortcode WordPress Plugin

KnB – WordPress Knowledge Base / Wiki Shortcode Plugin gives you full control on your knowledge base items. You can easily assign categories and display it on up to Four(4) Columns with subcategory support. Easily create shortcode using the plugin’s powerful shortcode generator with options to display per category, orderby title or date or ratings, controls visibility and assign layout options.

knb wordpress knowledge base wiki shortcode wordpress plugin

iTunes Shortcode WordPress Plugin

iTunes Shortcodes WordPress Plugins, which allows you to present always up-to-date information about iTunes Store products (in this version Mac and iOS App Store apps, more media types coming soon) in posts in a simple and elegant way and to earn money in the iTunes Affiliate Program.


iTunes Shortcode WordPress Plugins

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode Free WordPress Plugin

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode is bootstrap 3.0.3 compatible plugin which add icons to wordpress editor (tinyMCE Shortcode Buttons) and one can add bootstrap style to their website just by clicking on tinyMCE editor icon.

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode Free WordPress Plugin

Shortcode Magic WordPress Plugin

Shortcode Magic is a very unique and powerful “Shortcode Builder”. You can easily create shortcodes from any HTML/CSS/JS code. You can also style and configure existing shortocdes. All Shortcodes are dynamically generated and you can easily add them to post and pages and there is also a widget available for you to easily add them to widget area.

Shortcode Magic Wordpress Plugin

WordPress Widgets Shortcode Plugin

The plugin allows you to embed any WordPress Widget area/Dynamic Sidebar to your WordPress posts.

WordPress Widgets Shortcode Plugin

Animate Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Add 60+ animations to your WordPress page using shortcodes. Animate Shortcodes makes it easy to add animations to your wordpress pages, posts or layout. These animations will work anywhere you can place a shortcode. Custom loading and delay timers let’s you personalize you animations exactly how you want.

Animate Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Users Ultra a Powerful Users WordPress Plugin

Users Ultra is the ideal tool for creating advanced user communities in few minutes. Building a talents community, model agency websites, social communities and any kind of user websites is really fast. It can be intregrated in any WordPress Theme.

When it comes to ease of use, Users Ultra comes in first. Users Communities are incredibly simple to build. All the modules are customizable, even if you don’t know how to code, and they’re minimalistic enough that a few minor changes make them look unique to you. Users Ultra handles One-Time & Recurrent Payments.


users ultra a powerful users wordpress plugin

Shortcode Box WordPress Plugin

Add Useful Boxes to your blog simply by shortcode.

Shortcode Box Wordpress Plugin

Titan Framework WordPress Shortcode Extension

The Shortcode Extension allows you to easily add shortcodes to your premium WordPress theme or plugin. Creating shortcodes for WordPress is easy enough if you follow the Codex. But in reality, after you create the shortcode you would have to write more code in order to make it easier for your customers to use them. This means you’ll have to create TinyMCE buttons, create documentation, and maybe even integrate them using the Visual Composer API.

The Shortcode Extension does these things for you automatically, all you have to do is create your shortcode.


titan framework shortcode extension

WPML Translate Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Adds the wpml_translate shortcode to your shortcode suite. You can also use the wpml_text_if_language( $lang, $content ) in your php code.

WPML Translate Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Symple Shortcodes Free WordPress Shortcodes Plugin

Tired of using a theme with built-in shortcodes, switching themes and then losing all your awesome styles?
No worries, this is why I’ve created the Symple Shortcodes plugin!
Now you can add buttons, highlights, boxes, toggles, tabs, pricing tables…among other awesomeness and take them with you no matter what theme you decide to use.

We realize there are already some free shortcode plugins out they either only include a very few amount of shortcodes, they are way too complex, not well coded, they were not styled to our liking or they weren’t free.
We wanted to create something that was 100% GPL so you can use it and abuse it on all of your websites and client projects – and of course that’s very easy to use and minimally styled so it can fit most sites right out of the box or be easily customized.

symple shortcodes

Responsive Video Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

This tiny Plugin allows you to embed Online Video from YouTube, Vimeo and more media for a responsive Layout – they scale according to the screen size.

Responsive Video Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

Bitcoin Online Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Display current bitcoin (BTC/USD) price anywhere on your WordPress site online.

Bitcoin Online Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Dry ShortCode Rainbow WordPress Plugin

Dry ShortCode Rainbow is a really simple plugin which helps you to easily spot all of your shortcodes by highlighting them in any color you want.

dry shortcode rainbow wordpress plugin

Live Composer – Front-End Content Creator WordPress Plugin

Live Composer is a front-end content builder plugin for WordPress with 28+ modules ( and more to come ) packed with functionality and styling options that allow countless variations to be made easily and without any coding.

live composer frontend content creator for wp

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode enable you to add bootstrap 3.0.3 styles in your pages, post and custom post in simplest manner.

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode WırdPress Plugin

Shortcodes Organizer WordPress Plugin

Shortcodes Organizer is here to help you organize your shortcodes. Simply you add your shortcodes in one of the plugin’s pages, then you can insert any of them using a graphical UI when you create or edit a page or a post. You can edit, manage or delete your shortcodes if you need that. Also you can Import and Export your shortcodes in a JSON format.

Shortcodes Organizer WordPress Plugin

NS Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

wordpress shortcodes plugins provides you several shortcodes which you can use in your theme, content and Text widget.
Simple but very useful shortcodes.
You can see NS Shortcodes page under Appearance to see what shortcodes are available for you.

NS Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

CPO Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

Create incredible pages full of interactive elements with this shortcode pack, comprised of over 30+ different elements.

CPO Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

Show coupon discount info using shortcodes. Allows to render coupon information and content conditionally, based on the validity of coupons.

WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode is bootstrap 3.0 compatible plugin which add icons to wordpress editor (tinyMCE Shortcode Buttons) and one can add bootstrap style to their website just by clicking on tinyMCE editor icon.

easy bootstrap shortcodes wordpress plugin

ShortCode DropDown WordPress Plugin

ShortCode DropDown is a plugin that allows shortcodes to be selected from a dropdown menu in the rich text editor for pages and posts. This is really useful because: * Authors can see which shortcodes are available. * Authors do not need to memorize the names of shortcodes. * The Rich Text editor (tinymce) is simplified for non-technical authors.

ShortCode DropDown WordPress Plugin

Easy Foundation Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Easy Foundation Shortcode is Zurb Foundation 4.0 compatible plugin which add icons to wordpress editor (tinyMCE Shortcode Buttons) and one can add foundation style to their website just by clicking on tinyMCE editor icon.


Easy Foundation Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Quick Ajax – WordPress Ajax Query Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Quick Ajax is a simple WordPress plugin that helps you make Ajax Query easily.
You can do Ajax queries with many query parameters (Category, Tag, Post type, Meta value, use for Search page, Related posts..) all in beautiful, modern RESPONSIVE looks and RETINA ready.

quick ajax wordpress ajax query shortcode wordpress plugin

Bootstrap Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin to add shortcodes for Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.

Bootstrap Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

AB Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

AB Shortcode is a great WordPress plugin that lets you create remarkable things even with mediocre themes. Spice up your content and draw visitors attention to the point! Animate entrance of site elements so your site looks modern and fresh.

You don’t need to remember shortcodes or their attributes because here is great shortcode generator. First one with option to edit already placed shortcodes!


ab shortcodes wordpress plugin

FX Scroll | Animated Wrapper WordPress Shortcode Plugin

FX Scroll is a SINGLE shortcode that could be used to wrap any kind of content to animate it. It has nine different animations that combines javascript and css animations. wordpress shortcodes plugins also supports external nested shortcodes to animate them or animate a part of them just specifying the class/id selector.


fx scroll animated wrapper wordpress shortcode plugin

Free JM Last Twit Shortcode WordPress Plugin

A plugin meant to add your last tweet with the lattest API way.

free jm last twit shortcode wordpress plugin

Shortcodes Ultimate WordPress Plugin

Supercharge your WordPress theme with mega pack of shortcodes.

shortcodes ultimate wordpress plugin

Github Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Github Shortcode is a plugin that allows you to embed a GitHub repository in a page or post using a simple shortcode.

github shortcode wordpress plugin

Custom Content Shortcode WordPress Plugin

A shortcode to display content from posts, pages, custom post types, custom fields, images, attachments, menus, or widget areas.

custom content shortcode wordpress plugin

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode is bootstrap 3.0 compatible plugin which add icons to wordpress editor (tinyMCE Shortcode Buttons) and one can add bootstrap style to their website just by clicking on tinyMCE editor icon.
Easy Bootstrap Shortcode enable you to add bootstrap 3.0 styles in your pages, post and custom post in simplest manner.

easy bootstrap shortcodes wordpress plugin

GT Shortcodes – WordPress Shortcodes Plugin

GT Shortcodes provides UI elements like Accordions, Alert Boxes, Buttons, Carousel, Glyphs, Labels, Tabs, Popovers, Progress Bars, Switches, Tables, Tooltip and Video Player in the form of shortcodes. These shortcodes works in posts/pages and widgets.

GT Shortcodes WordPress Shortcodes Plugin

Easy Shortcode Manager – WordPress Plugin

EasyShortcode Manager plugin provides a easy to use interface for managing short codes. It even handles deleted shortcodes gracefully. Comes with the automatic syntax generator, simple copy/paste within post or page.

easy shortcode manager wordpress plugin

DesignWall Shortcodes Bootstrap WordPress Plugin

DW Shortcodes Bootstrap allow quick and easy implementation of WordPress shortcodes by the rich-editor for TinyMCE coming along with responsive feature and the sleek twitter bootstrap style.

dw shortcodes bootstrap wortdpress plugins

Shortcode Manager WordPress Plugin

Think of shortcodes as glorified placeholder text. WordPress strips out scripts, iframes, and other code within the visual editor. To get around this limitation, you’d create a shortcode, which looks something like [this]. WordPress will then automatically replace [this] with the content of your choosing.

wortdpress plugins shortbus

WordPress Post Styler – Pretty Post Styles Plugin

WordPress Post Styler Plugin, adds an extra feature to your default WordPress post editor to add pretty styles to posts. wordpress shortcodes plugins allows you to add custom paragraph boxes, heading tag styles, title styles, download link styles, download buttons, image styles, address box, code box, testimonials styles, blockquote styles and many more…


wordpress post styler pretty post styles plugin

Easy Charts Grid Shortcode for WordPress

NW EasyCharts is a multi-purpose use shortcode, that can be used to show for example your experience in different fields, or, why not, chip tunning performance stats.

easy charts grid shortcode for wordpress

WParty WordPress Plugin

WParty is a WordPress Plugin to mix your website contents
* Pages
* Articles
* Widgets
* Contact Form
* Menus
* Media

wparty wordpress shortcode plugins

NextGEN Facebook Open Graph+ WordPress Plugin

NGFB Open Graph+ adds HTML header tags to improve Google Search results and Social Sharing posts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest (aka Rich Pins), StumbleUpon, Tumblr and many more — An essential plugin for every WordPress website!

nextgen facebook wortdpress plugins

Facebook Embedded Posts WordPress Shortcode

Facebook just released the ability to embed Facebook posts on your blog or website (WOW). wordpress shortcodes plugins will allow you to quickly and easily start using Facebook Embedded Posts today with a simple shortcode!


facebook embedded posts wordpress shortcode

WMF – Mobile First WordPress Shortcodes

WMF Shortcodes for WordPress will save you lots of time working on the TinyMCE. You can create complex layouts with our shortcodes. Easy to use and edit. For Developers: You can use your site themes with purchase Exclusive license. And code customization is very easy.

WMF Shortcodes support Bootstrap 3.0. WMF WordPress Shortcodes are coded with Mobile First system. So it support 3,2,1 columns on mobile devices.
Also we added a Twitter Feed shortcode for you. This system supports latest Twitter API system.


wmf mobile first wordpress shortcodes

Free Embed Media Shortcodes Plugin for WordPress

free embed media shortcodes plugin for wordpress

DZS WordPress Testimonial Rotator

Want an awesome way to display your clients reviews on your site ? This is the widget for you! Customize everything from text and author to slideshow times and transitions. It comes packed with multiple skins ( check them in the preview ) – so you can choose the one that fits your site best! Do not worry about the size of the Testimonial Rotator. It can fit anywhere and it is responsive.

dzs wordpress testimonial rotator

Google Plus Author Information in Search Results

Have you ever seen profile pictures beside search results on Google? wordpress shortcodes plugins helps you to generate this Google+ Author Information in search results by replacing the author link in your theme template with your Google+ profile link.

google plus author information in search results

Vector Icons for WordPress

Vector Icons for WordPress is a new way to include icons to your site. No more need to customize image or psd files, now all is done in your WordPress editor. This is made possible by combining awesome iconic vector fonts with 900+ icons and beautiful icon panel. Icons are retina and high definition ready and will look crisp in any definition. Icons can be any color and any size, with predifined or custom effects and are great for any purpose.

vector icons for wordpress

The Countdown Pro

The countdown functionality can easily be added to a content or sidebar area and let your users know the counts. With counting down and up functionality, gives you a full control to your counter. wordpress shortcodes plugins comes with shortcode generator and a multi-instances sidebar widget, packed with bunch of options. All styles and scripts area pulled in the header section. Every each counter have their own selector that enables you to create specific style or script to the selector.

the countdown pro

Custom Editor Buttons

Custom Editor Buttons is a WordPress Plugin script designed to allow you to add new buttons to the default WYSWIYG editor in WordPress, giving you access to quickly add commonly used text, html or characters that might otherwise be cumbersome or time consuming to insert.


custom editor buttons

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

wordpress shortcodes plugins helps you to generate this search results by using structured microdata. According to the schema.org website search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex rely on this markup to improve the display of search results, making it easier for people to find the right web pages.

wordpress shortcodes plugins automatically pre-installs seven shortcodes that are ready-to-use. But it’s also possible to create new shortcodes with your own microdata markup that you need for future purposes. This can be done very easy with the built-in Shortcode-Generator.

rich snippets wordpress plugin

ZoomFolio – WordPress Portfolio Plugin

DZS ZoomFolio is the ultimate plugin for displaying your creative portfolio to your clients and that’s not all. You can use it to show the recent posts from your blog or a gallery from your vacation. The possibilities are endless.

The backend helps you do just that in a easy way. Uses the WordPress’s Custom Post Types for you to create Portfolio items in the WordPress intuitive way. It’s based on shortcodes, but there is zero effort to understand how you customize it because there is a intuitive Shortcode Generator bundled that does just that for you.

zoomfolio wordpress portfolio plugin

Easy Tab WordPress Widget with Shortcodes

Display widgets in tab from everywhere. Use shortcode to display widgets in post, page or other widgets; or use Easy Tab Widget alternatively.

Easy as pie: just drag widgets into appropriate sidebar to build tab, then call it using Shortcode or Easy Tab Widget!

Unlimited number of tabs: just configure to add more tabs on your site.

Simple, really simple CSS: easy to match your site’s tyle with just a few lines of code to customize.

easy tab wordpress widget

Sweet WordPress Testimonials

Sweet WordPress Testimonials is a plugin to receive and display your client’s testimonials.

sweet wordpress testimonials

Easy WordPress Donations

Easy WordPress Donations is a plugin that adds a whole donations process to your WordPress install.

It’s very simple to use and you can configure many options! The main idea with wordpress shortcodes plugins is to easily and quickly set up a system that enable donations on a website: with just two shortcodes, you can start receiving money via PayPal.

Be sure to have a look to the video preview to see the plugin in action!

easy wordpress donations

uBillboard – Premium Slider for WordPress

Hablamos espanol: uBillboard is now fully translated and available in spanish language.


ubillboard premium slider for wordpress

Special Recent Posts PRO

Special Recent Posts PRO is a very powerful plugin/widget for WordPress which displays your recent posts with thumbnails.

It’s the perfect solution for online magazines or simple blogs and it comes with more than 60+ customization options available.

You can dynamically re-size thumbnails to any desired dimension, drag multiple widget instances and configure each one with its specific settings.

You can also use auto-generated PHP code/shortcodes to insert the widget in any part of your theme.

special recent posts pro

Easy Contact

Easy Contact is a simple contact form that utilizes the Sandbox design patterns to create a highly semantic, XHTML-based contact form you can insert using [easy-contact] on any page or post.

Easy Contact features spam-reduction measures, GUI-based customization, carbon copying option, and more. Emails include tracked referrer information, including keywords for search-based landings, user agent, and IP.

easy contact

PhotoMosaic for WordPress

PhotoMosaic creates a shortcode ([photomosaic]) that transforms a WordPress photo gallery into a visually-striking design piece by giving it a fresh masonry layout worthy of your favorite design blog.

photomosaic for wordpress

SoundCloud Shortcode

The SoundCloud Shortcode plugin allows you to easily integrate a player widget for a track, set or group from SoundCloud into your WordPress Blog by using a WordPress shortcode. Use it like that in your blog post: [soundcloud]soundcloud url[/soundcloud] It also supports these optional parameters: width, height and params. The “params” parameter will pass the given options on to the player widget.

soundcloud shortcode

Shortcode Domination – CSS3 Graphics for WordPress

Shortcode Domination has received some very positive reviews.


shortcode domination css3 graphics for wordpress

Vision – WordPress Shortcodes Plugin

vision wordpress shortcodes plugin

Caretta Shortcodes System

Caretta Shortcodes System allows you to manage shortcodes which are used in WordPress easy and efficiently. The usage of CS does not require additional training and allows the user at any skill level to use it in his or her theme. A simple single line connection ensures fast integration of the system into the ready-made theme for developers.

caretta shortcodes system

wpDataTables – easy tables in WordPress

For the people who want to request support: please make sure that you check the FAQ first. if your question isn’t there feel free to contact me through the contact form here. I receive a lot of requests nowadays, so I ask you for understanding in case of delayed replies.

wpdatatables easy tables in wordpress

Child Pages Shortcode

You can use shortcode for display child pages from the page.

child pages shortcode

EasyVideo – Responsive Video Embeds / Shortcodes

Now you added support to that video site using embed.ly. For the icon in visual editor make sure to add an image to /shortcodes/images/ folder. Currently supports: Vimeo – YouTube – Dailymotion – Blip.tv – Hulu – Viddler – Qik – Revision3 – WordPress.TV – Funny or Die – AOL On! – College Humor – Metacafe – Yfrog – Screenr – USTREAM – SAPO – dotSUB – Clikthrough – Kino Map – Twitvid – Bambuser – Gametrailers – VHX – Animoto – Justin.tv – Livestream – Minoto – Trailer Addict – FORA.tv – TED – Wistia – Zapiks – Snotr – ComedyCentral – Smugmug – LiveLeak

easyvideo responsive video embeds shortcodes

PBK Mega Menu for WordPress

PBK Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress is your easy way to add a functional and customizable Mega Menu to your WordPress website. Adding menu items and content is just like adding posts or pages… If you know how to use WordPress, then you already know how to use the Mega Menu plugin.

Built in shortcodes give you flexibility when laying out your dropdown content, and a plugin options page allows you to choose from 6 different color options. If you’re down with CSS, you can style the menu to your heart’s delight by uploading a file named “userdefined-mega-menu.css” with your custom styles in the same directory as your theme’s primary stylesheet.

pbk mega menu for wordpress

Content Builder

Content Builder is a great WordPress tool that allows you to freely create different types of layout greatly improving the functionality of the CMS and then giving you the chance to save great deal of time in managing and publishing content.


content builder

Taqyeem – WordPress Review Plugin

Taqyeem is a premium reviewing and rating WordPress plugin … wordpress shortcodes plugins was built for adding lovely ratings and reviews to your posts, pages, and custom post types. Use the customization options to create the perfect ratings addition to your website. Change the fonts, image, colors, style, and of course the criteria.

taqyeem wordpress review plugin

Media Grid – WordPress Responsive Portfolio

Create responsive and filterable portfolios with ease on your website. Media Grid comes with masonry layout, is designed to adapt each portfolio to any situation and is mobile optimized for responsive themes.

media grid wordpress responsive portfolio

Attention Grabber : WordPress Notification Bar

AttentionGrabber is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to add a notification bar to your website.

With wordpress shortcodes plugins you can easily display custom texts, Twitter posts and Feeds RSS. Also, the huge list of features lets you fully customize the notifications look.

attentionGrabber is a simple but effective solution to market your products and share contents through your website.


attentiongrabber wordpress notification bar

FX News | WordPress Animated Shortcodes

FX News gives you the capability to display information of any kind of page or post (including custom post types) in an animated way. You may order the info to be displayed by title, name, date, comments, random or ID. Every style has many customizable options that can be selected with the powerfull shortcode manager.

fx news wordpress animated shortcodes

Snippets WordPress Plugin

Sometimes when creating a site, the same information needs to appear in multiple places, duplicating that content is not a good idea. It’s far better to have it in one place.

That’s what the Snippets WordPress Plugin allows you to do.

You can even include snippets in your theme with an in-built function.

snippets wordpress plugin

Html To Pdf On Fly For WP And Shortcode Style

with this plug-in for wordpress you can create PDFs from HTML code on fly and save them in a specific folder of your blog. For example, you can create an invoice with this script and archive it.

html to pdf on fly for wp and shortcode style

Shortcode Press

The plugin used to insert shortcodes within your post or pages fast and easy way. However, there are dozens of plugins to do so but we make it unique and as simple way as you think, and a big number of shortcode list already added and many more on pipeline! So that you don’t have to look for other plugin to do so. One will do many things!

So what you are actually getting is our dedicated support, knowledge, experience and very simplified wordpress shrtcode plugin that will walk you trough the success of your blogging and business.


uAd – Advertising for WordPress

uAd is a complete Advertising package by uDesignStudios.

It has been first created as an additional feature for our WordPress themes, but has become a powerful advertising solution since.

Now we’ve decided to offer this functionality as a separate plugin for WordPress for all of you to enjoy.

uad advertising for wordpress

FX Elements | WordPress Animated Shortcodes

FX Elements is a WordPress Plugin with an easy to use interface manager to add shortcodes to your website. FX Elements lets you customize content by adding animated elements as buttons, boxes, alert message, icons, etc. Each one of this elements has an smooth transition of color, opacity, size or position ( depending the shortcode ) between the initial status and the “mouse over status”.

fx elements wordpress animated shortcodes

Slider gallery shortcode

wordpress shortcodes plugins creates a new shortcode for WordPress. With this new shortcode, you can create a slider gallery in seconds just by typing [slider] while you’re writing your post or page. The slider will display the images that you have uploaded to the current post or page.

slider gallery shortcode

FX Image Shortcode

The WordPress plugin FX Image shortcode gives to users the option to stylize his images with different styles and options at any WordPress theme. As a shortcode, gives the easiest way to mix those styles at the same gallery or page, bringing you better control of overall design. Also, you may use the images to link any page or post inside your website, or use it to link an external page.

fx image shortcode

EventOn – WordPress Event Plugin

eventon wordpress event plugin

Ether Content Builder WordPress Plugin

Ether Content Builder WordPress Plugin is a powerful tool for building custom content pages aided with innovative visual composer. It comes equipped with many commonly used widgets that can be laid out via interactive drag&drop interface. Ether Builder can use 3rd party widgets as well as custom crafted ones. Ether Builder is actively developed by Por Design and gets regular updates and bug fixes. No coding knowledge is required and it’s a must have brag for any serious content publisher that works with WordPress.

ether content builder wordpress plugin

Customizable WordPress Restaurant Menu

This WordPress plugin allows administrators to quickly create menus, sub-menus, and add food items, descriptions, prices and special prices to these items. WordPress Restaurant Menu is perfect for small to large restaurant websites that want to display a menu to their website visitors.
This menu is perfect for sandwich shops wanting to offer special prices on items for a limited time or any restaurant running a special or price promotion on their menu for any number of items. The back end is easy to use, allows the creation of multiple menus, dozens of sub-menus and dozens of items.
For instance, create a dinner menu with a section for steaks that features porterhouse, rib-eye or any number of steak dinners. Pair that with a wine menu and your site is ready to showcase your restaurant or eatery.

Use shortcodes to insert the menus, sub-menus or items into any page in WordPress.
You can specify a specific item to display, or show a whole menu.
When an entire menu is generated WordPress Restaurant Menu will use AJAX to pull sub menu items onto the page so vistors can view all of your offerings quickly and easily!

customizable wordpress restaurant menu

Drag and Drop Builder Plugin

The Elegant Themes Builder is a plugin that provides some incredible tools for structuring the content on your page. The plugin creates a visual drag-and-drop canvas where you can add, arrange and re-size advanced elements on your page. This builder appears below the normal text editor when you create a post or page, creating a unique canvas for each. The builder allows to you quickly create columns, sliders, tabs, buttons, toggles, boxes and so much more.

elegant builder

Domain checker Shortcode & Widget plugin

wordpress shortcodes plugins helps you to have a domain checker on your wordpress instalation. By default cames with 32 domain extensions and can be added unlimited number of them. Can be easily integrated with payment methods or cart plugins.

domain checker shortcode widget plugin

Zilla Shortcodes

You like shortcodes, but shortcodes built into your theme code? What happens when you change design? That’s why we made the super-duper ZillaShortcodes plugin – you can now take them with you wherever you go. Compatible with any theme, but use ours and we’ll style it to match. Nice!


Visual Composer for WordPress

Visual Composer for WordPress will save you tons of time working on the site content. Now you’ll be able to create complex layouts within minutes! It’s build on top of the modern technologies – get the best for your lovely website!

visual composer for wordpress

Display Posts Shortcode

The Display Posts Shortcode was written to allow users to easily display listings of posts without knowing PHP or editing template files.

Add the shortcode in a post or page, and use the arguments to query based on tag, category, post type, and many other possibilities (see the Arguments). I’ve also added some extra options to display something more than just the title: include_date, include_excerpt, and image_size.

display posts shortcode

Shortcode Developer

The Shortcode Developer plugin provides a user friendly interface for creating custom shortcodes. Each shortcode consists of a name, a list of attributes (with names and default values) and the PHP code executed to return the html back to the shortcode placeholder.

Editing the PHP code is powered by the great browser editor “CodeMirror”!

A nice advantage of using this wordpress shortcodes plugins over writing the shortcodes into the functions.php is that the shortcodes are not dependent on the theme. Also, this makes for a faster turn around for quick updates on live websites!

shortcode developer

ByTomi Layout Builder & Shortcode Generator

bytomi layout builder shortcode generator

EZ Staff Display and Management

Using just a simple wordpress shortcodes plugins and a powerful admin options panel, you can easily add, modify and display your lovely staff members on your WP site.


ez staff display and management

jCountdown Mega Package for WordPress

jCountdown Mega Package for WordPress is a highly customizable wordpress shortcodes plugins, you can easily to create / load shortcodes in admin panel, and add Countdowns in your Post, Page and Sidebar with Shortcodes.

jcountdown mega package for wordpress


Shortcoder is a wordpress shortcodes plugins which allows to create a custom shortcode and store HTML, Javascript and other snippets in it. So if that shortcode is used in any post or pages, then the code stored in the shortcode get exceuted in that place.


Bean Shortcodes v1.0 WordPress Plugin.

Add some good ole’ shortcodes to your WordPress install – and keep them with you. Buttons, icons, tabs, toggles & more.

bean shortcodes plugin

Column Shortcodes

Adds shortcodes to easily create columns in your posts or pages.
Sometimes you just need to divide your page into different columns.
With this wordpress shortcodes plugins you just select a column shortcode and it will add the column to the page.
You can also change the padding of each individual column from the UI.

column shortcodes

960 Grid System Shortcode

Do you have a 960 grid system installed in your WP theme? By using this wordpress shortcodes plugins, writing the post/page content is become very easy. No more typo-error and no need to remember one_fourth, two_third_first or first_for_the_last. You just need to know your grid number for your content such as 9 grids content with sidebar for 12 grid system.

960 grid system shortcode

WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress Shortcodes is a free WordPress plugin that brings an amazing set of beautiful and useful elements to your site. The plugin comes bundled with the full set of elements, all absolutely free of charge.

wordpress shortcodes

Tabbed Content Shortcode

Tabbed Content wordpress shortcodes plugins a clean, easy to integrate, reusable tabbed content area for your WordPress themes!

tabbed content shortcode

Icon List Shortcodes

Easy to use, reusable icon list entered as a shortcode in any page or post.

icon list shortcodes

Image Zoom add-on for Styles with Shortcodes

We have created another great little Add-On plugin for Styles with Shortcodes. The wordpress shortcodes plugins adds 2 additional Shortcode to the Styles with Shortcodes plugin. With wordpress shortcodes plugins you can easily add zoom-in functionality to any image on your website. Choose between 4 different pre-defined CSS frames.

You can try the SWS jQuery Image Zoom yourself before you decide whether to buy it.

image zoom addon for styles with shortcodes

SWS Author Bio Add-on for Styles with Shortcodes

Styles with Shortcodes is a great wordpress shortcodes plugins that makes life easier using WordPress whether you are a seasoned developer, designer or just a normal user!

sws author bio addon for styles with shortcodes

SWS Sliding Tabs add-on for Styles with Shortcodes

Styles with Shortcodes is a great wordpress shortcodes plugins that makes life easier using WordPress whether you are a seasoned developer, designer or just a normal user! We have created a Add-On plugin for Styles with Shortcodes. The plugin adds 2 additional Shortcodes to the Styles with Shortcodes plugin.

sws sliding tabs addon for styles with shortcodes

SWS: CSS Tooltip add-on for Styles With Shortcodes

We have created a Add-On wordpress shortcodes plugins for Styles with Shortcodes, which makes it easier than ever to add beautiful looking CSS Tooltips and Speech Bubbles on your WordPress powered website. You can choose between 30 different color schemes. The plugin adds two additional Shortcodes to the Styles with Shortcodes plugin. You can try the shortcodes your self before you decide whether to buy it. Simply use the following login details.

sws css tooltip addon for styles with shortcodes

Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress

Styles with Shortcodes is the solution for this problem. This wordpress shortcodes plugins lets you customize content faster and easier than ever before by using Shortcodes. Choose from 100 built in Shortcodes like; jQuery Accordion, Tabs and Toogle, Tooltips, Column Shortcodes, Gallery and Image Shortcodes, Button Styles, Alert Box Styles, Pullquotes, Blockquotes, Twitter buttons, Retweet button, Facebook Like, Follow me on Twitter buttons, Linkedin, Google +1, Flattr and many more!

styles with shortcodes for wordpress

All-In-One Shortcodes

All-In-One wordpress shortcodes plugins allows you to add endless amount of easy-to-use shortcodes combinations of to ANY WordPress theme and customize the appearance of your content in seconds. Almost each shortcode comes loaded with practically unlimited colors, size and icon combinations.

allinone shortcodes

ShortCodes UI

This wordpress shortcodes plugins adds an admin UI for creating shortcodes without the need to code, edit code, or even know code.

shortcodes ui

Shortcode Exec PHP

Using this wordpress shortcodes plugins you can execute arbitrary PHP code using shortcodes in your posts, pages, comments, widgets and RSS feeds, just like manually defined shortcodes. The shortcodes and associated PHP code are defined using the settings of wordpress shortcodes plugins. It is possible to parse and use shortcode parameters and to use shortcode content. Defined shortcodes can be deleted and disabled.

shortcode exec php

WP Boilerplate Shortcode

This wordpress shortcodes plugins provides a shortcode that when inserted will display the body from a referenced “boilerplate.” A boilerplate is a special post type defined by wordpress shortcodes plugins. References can be made by title, path or ID. Below is a list of shortcode attributes used by the boilerplate shortcode.

wp boilerplate shortcode

J Shortcodes

J wordpress shortcodes plugins allows you to add custom buttons, content boxes, tabs and accordion panels, build call to action and information boxes. You can choose color, size and shape for any of these elements.

j shortcodes

Shortcodes Pro

Shortcodes Pro allows quick and easy creation of WordPress shortcodes and TinyMCE rich editor buttons from the comfort of the WordPress interface.

shortcodes pro

Shortcodes Ultimate

With wordpress shortcodes plugins you can easily create buttons, boxes, different sliders and much, much more. Turn your free theme to premium in just a few clicks. Using Shortcodes Ultimate you can quickly and easily retrieve many premium themes features and display it on your site. See screenshots for more information.

shortcodes ultimate

Arconix Shortcodes

With this wordpress shortcodes plugins you can easily add various kinds of styled boxes, buttons, tabs, accordions, unordered lists and more. Choose from the supplied options or advanced users can easily add their own by extending the built-in styles.

arconix shortcodes

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