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475+ Useful WordPress WooCommerce Plugins

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i’m going to tell you about the best wordpress woocommerce plugins your way to selling your products.

With the internet being used more and more by your average consumer, you may be wanting to start your own online shop so you can unleash your products to all those potential customers.
This way you can keep your existing website and add functionalities of an online shop.
Maybe you’ve heard about the odd plugins that allows you to sell products from your WordPress blog,
but you might not know exactly what they are.

WooCommerce Deposits Partial Payments Plugin

WooCommerce Deposits is a premium WordPress and WooCommerce plugin for handling partial payments. Customers pay a fixed price or percentage up front. You can also force a deposit.
WooCommerce Deposits is fully compatible with the WooCommerce Bookings plugin, allowing you to collect deposits on bookings as well as other products.


WooCommerce Warranties and Returns Plugin

This plugin will finally simplify the returns and warranty procedures for your ecommerce!
WooCommerce Warranties and Returns is a WordPress plugin that makes allows you to give your customers an easy way to kepp under control the warranty and the return period of the products they purchased from your site.
With WooCommerce Warranties and Returns an administrator can assign a predefined amount of days for the warranties and returns: those values will be applied by default to any product that will be added to the catalog.
But we are aware that not all products are the same, and some product might have different warranties or no return possible….this is why every single product can be customized with its own number of days!


Ship to Pay Integration Plugin for WooCommerce

Ship to Pay Integration for WooCommerce is a WordPress Plugin which allows you to assign Payment Methods based on the Shipping Methods.
So if you have more then one methods for shipping and payment you can tie them such that whenever customer select a particular shipping metthods the payment methods not assigned to that shipping method are hidden from customer.


Colored Contact Lenses Virtual Try-on WooCommerce Plugin

Colored Contact Lenses Virtual Try-on : is a WordPress (WooCommerce , Jigoshop ,..) plugin to let shoppers try and compare Colored Contact Lenses and buy the desired ones . By uploading their own images or snapshot with webcam , Customers will be able see how they look like with Colored Contact Lenses and purchase the chosen ones . It´s highly customizable and very easy to use.


Special Gift Plus WooCommerce Plugin

Use this plugin to boost your overall sales or just to distribute a free product. The free product, your gift, will be automatically added to your visitor’s cart.


Coupon Scratch Discount WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Coupon Scratch Discount is very flexible and can be attached to any existing Woocomerce Website. Its bring real customers to your shop where they redeem and buy. In this way, you can collect Data and send the newsletter whenever needed and increase brand awareness.

Rename Add To Cart WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Rename Add To Cart Rename Add To Cart, is plugin that allows you to.

Automatic Lead Generator Plugin for WooCommerce

Automatic Lead Generator plugin increasing your visitors’ engagement and conversion rate from day one!

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier Free WordPress Plugin

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier is a WordPress plugins that enables you to add a zoom effect to product images. WooCommerce 2.2.x Compatible.

yith woocommerce zoom magnifier free wordpress plugin download

Follow up email for woocommerce

The Follow Up Email Plugin is an indispensable tool to help you stay in close touch with your customers. The plugin allows create unlimited rules to send follow-up emails. Followup email plugin allows admin insert coupon and it’s expiry date in email.

follow up email for woocommerce download

Compare Products WooCommerce Plugin

Add additional features to your products and compare them against other items side by side in a clean, organized table using the plugin Compare Products for WooCommerce. With an easy to use drag and drop interface, add, modify, or delete a category or product feature, all without leaving the settings page. Features can also be displayed in a separate tab on the products page, or any page for that matter using a shortcode.

compare products woocommerce plugin

Subscriptio WooCommerce Subscriptions WordPress Plugin

Subscriptio is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to sell subscriptions. Subscriptio adds recurring payments capability to WooCommerce so you can sell products like magazine subscriptions, online memberships, e-learning packages and any other tangible or intangible products.

subscriptio woocommerce subscriptions wordpress plugin

Multistep Product Configurato Woocommerce WordPress Plugin

Swap the select boxes of a variable product for a wonderful multistep form. You can choose between 4 different modules: Steps, Accordion, Tabs, Vertical Steps. The content for it will be generated from the variations of your variable product. You can also set a custom thumbnail for every attribute. MSCP can be enabled for every variable product separately.

multistep product configurator for woocommerce wordpress plugin

PrePurchase WooCommerce Plugin

Woocommerce PrePurchase is a Woocommerce extension that adds the ability of selling on your store products that are not yet available but you would like to list on your store so that customers can pay for it in full or simply pay using the charge me later? payment gateway pending the availability date.

PrePurchase WooCommerce Plugins

Barzahlen.de WooCommerce Plugin

Barzahlen.de is an up and coming payment provider in Germany. Buy online and pay cash in one of 3000 retail stores of dm, real, Telekom or mobilcom debitel. This Plugin adds the Barzahlen.de payment gateway to the check-out process in WooCommerce. After checking out with Barzahlen.de the customer can either print out an receipt or get a code via text message. Based on the delivery address the next three retail stores are listed on the receipt. All retail stores can be found on the website Barzahlen.de. The customer now has to go to a retail store and make the payment. He is automatically getting reminders from Barzahlen.de in case he is not making a payment within X days. Shortly after the customer payed, the transaction is visible in the Barzahlen.de back end and a notification e-mail is sent to the customer and seller. To fully automate the payment process you need to activate API access (it is easy, we explain how it works), so the transactions are getting pushed into WooCommerce, updating the order status. Since Barzahlen.de is online available in Germany, the plugin settings are in german (Screenshot). We are currently working on an english version.

Barzahlen.de WooCommerce Plugins

Optimal Payments Netbanx Gateway WooCommerce Plugin

Trusted online payments service provider which allows merchants to accept multiple payment types worldwide. Merchants around the world rely on NETBANX to accept payments from other businesses and consumers on their websites. Every payment is processed via a secure online gateway with extensive risk management functionality to minimise fraud exposure and liabilities.

Optimal Payments Netbanx Gateway WooCommerce Plugins

Fraud Protection WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Fraud Protection WORKS! We were able to reduce PayPal frauds by 97% on our online stores, so why you shouldn’t do the same?

Fraud Protection WooCommerce Plugins

Socio Multi Vendor WooCommerce Plugin

Socio Multi Vendor Plugin is a WooCommerce Extension Plugin which turns your WooCommerce Site into a Multi Vendor Site. In addition to selling your Products on your site, you can add the Multi Vendor ability to your site so that other vendors can sell their products on your site for a commission. Socio Multi Vendor gives site admin the ability to create vendors in the backend. The site admin can add vendor, edit vendor, set commission rate for vendor and associate existing or new products to the vendors. Socio Multi Vendor Plugin works for All Default Product Types of WooCommerce and is Translate Ready

socio multi vendor for woocommerce plugins

MailChimp for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

The MailChimp for WooCommerce extension by Extension Monster makes it easy to subscribe customers in your WooCommerce checkout to MailChimp lists.

mailchimp for woocommerce wordpress extensions

Clothing Room Mirror Woocommerce Plugin

Clothing Room Mirror “WooCommerce plugin”: is a tool to let shoppers try and compare clothes, T-shirts, Jackets .., on your WordPress website then purchase the chosen products.. By uploading their own images or snapshot with webcam, Customers can see how they look like wearing clothes, T-shirts, Jackets, and purchase the chosen ones on your Woocommerce website, It´s highly customizable and very easy to use.

Clothing Room Mirror Woocommerce Plugins

ICS Courier Shipping Method Woocommerce Plugin

The ICS Courier Shipping Method plugin for WooCommerce will get real-time rates from ICS Courier. The plugin work with domestic package.

ICS Courier Shipping Method Woocommerce Plugins

Sale Badge Woocommerce Plugin

Remove the default Sale Badge
Backend Configure Sale Badge
Display options for Single Product
Display options for Catalog View
Custom Text Badge
Text Custom Color
Background Custom Color
Preset Badge Images
Custom Badge Image
Live Preview
Color Picker
Easy Positioning via Drag and Drop
Easy Full control via manual input for:
Position, Padding, Radius ,Opacity.

Sale Badge Woocommerce Plugins1

Gravity Form Extension WooCommerce Plugin

With gravity form extension for woocommerce plugin , you can create advanced product configuration forms & also can be linked in any product in woocommerce.
It is a powefull plugin will let you to use all the feature of Gravity Form in woocommerce plugins including conditional logic, pricing fields, user input prices, conditional-pricing fields, conditional submit button.
You just need to create gravity forms including as much field field as you want.
Then you can link this form with the single products from that product edit options.
Very easy & user friendly interface.


Gravity Form Extension WooCommerce Plugins

Payex Payment Gateway Woocommerce Plugin

PayEx Payment Gateway For WooCommerce plugin allows you to take credit card and bank account payments as well as invoice payments with your website.

Payex Payment Gateway Woocommerce Plugins

WOOTABS Lite Related Products Posts Extra Tab WooCommerce Plugin

System Requirement
Clean Design
Responsive Layout
Multisite Support
WPML Plugin Support
3 different Tab Types

WOOTABS Lite Related Products Posts Extra Tab WooCommerce Plugins

TWI Awesome Grid/Slider/Carousel WooCommerce Plugins

TWI Awesome Woocommerce Grid-Carousel-Slider is super flexible responsive Woocommerce plugins.By this plugins you can make your Woocommerce products category wise smart grid,carousel,slider anywhere with Post, Custom Posts, Page, Widget as well as into your theme code by Shortcode/Widget with the powerful admin options.You can define your grid with devices wise like Desktop, tablet,phone etc.You can also get unlimited style options of your grid as your wise by this plugins and also make your content with animations.Important note is that this plugins is WPML supported.

twi awesome woocommerce gridslidercarousel woocommerce plugins

Sales Countdown WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce Sales Countdown is a fantastic plugins to promote your sale campaigns in WooCommerce.
It shows a countdown box with the product on sale, to tell your customer how much time they have left to purchase your product with discount.
You can also make it count the time till the up-coming sale period.
WordPress 3.x and WooCommerce 2.x is required to install this lovely plugins for your shop.

Sales Countdown WooCommerce Plugins

Bulk Price and Stock Quantity Update WooCommerce Plugins

“WooCommerce Bulk Price and Stock Update” plugins allows WooCommerce Store Admins to Bulk Update All Products Price or Specific Category Products by a certain amount or Percentage.
Store owner can Update All Products Stock quantity or Specific Category Products Stock.

Bulk Price and Stock Quantity Update WooCommerce Plugins

Custom Price Fields WooCommerce Plugins

Custom Prices Fields allows you to create extra price fields on your WooCommerce products.
The current version supports checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, textareas and input boxes.
Extra price fields are created locally on the edit product page or globally.
For each field you have the option to name it, describe it, choose the order and give an optional price.
The fields you create show up above the add to cart form.

Custom Price Fields WooCommerce Plugins

Fullscreen Touch Product Gallery WooCommerce Plugins

Touch Product Gallery is a WordPress plugins that allows you to replace the default lightbox included with WooCommerce for the product gallery with a fullscreen gallery with touch and swipe support that looks great on mobile.

Fullscreen Touch Product Gallery WooCommerce Plugins

WooTabs Add Extra Tabs WooCommerce Plugins

If you are one of those people that are ALWAYS looking for more ways to keep your WooCommerce website visitors longer then WooTabs is the perfect plugins for you.

WooTabs Add Extra Tabs WooCommerce Plugins

PDF Product Catalog WooCommerce Plugins

PDF Product Catalog for WooCommerce is a WordPress/WooCommerce plugins that lets users of your WooCommerce store download its complete product catalog in PDF (or per category) with a single click.
PDF catalogs are generated based templates and can be customized extensively via the Admin panel allowing you to change templates, colors, text and visibility of elements (e.g.
Price, SKUs, Variations etc).
It comes with 5 PDF templates but you can create your own to suit your needs with simple HTML and CSS.

PDF Product Catalog WooCommerce Plugins

Sell Individually WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce Sell Individually is a WooCommerce Extension Plugin using which you can sell your products individually.
It works by restricting the buyer to add only one product at a time to the cart.
When another product is added the cart is emptied and the last chosen product will get added.
This Plugin is useful to those who want to sell a product individually i.e.
one product per order.
It works for all Product types.
Sell Individually Plugin is Translate ready and WPML Compatibility.

Sell Individually WooCommerce Plugins

Point of Sale WooCommerce Plugins

Combining WooCommerce’s incredible user interface, inventory management and order system with this plugins completes the perfect store for retail in-store and online sales.

Point of Sale WooCommerce Plugins

Hs Bring Woocommerce Plugins

Automatically calculate shipment prices of products in your customer’s cart using the services/products of Bring.


Hs Bring Woocommerce Plugins

Hot Product Widget Woocommerce Plugins

WooCommerce hot product widget* has the ability to add your product as widget in any sidebar.
The layout is based on WordPress standards and easy to use.
Customize it to your needs with the options price settings, font-settings and price tag settings.

Hot Product Widget Woocommerce Plugin

Dicom Express Shipping Method WooCommerce Plugins

The Dicom Shipping Method plugins for WooCommerce will get real-time rates from Dicom.
The plugins work with domestic and International package.
Works with any dimensions and any weight units.

Dicom Express Shipping Method WooCommerce Plugin

Phone Verification by RingCaptcha WooCommerce Plugins

This will add phone verification upon checkout using RingCaptcha API.
By Default WooCoommerce dont have Phone Verification So literally you can’t verify the phone if its real or not.
Well not anymore “WooCommerce Phone Verification by RingCaptcha” will solve that problem for you, all you have to do is to install “WooCommerce Phone Verification by RingCaptcha” plugins and register to RingCaptcha get the App key and Secret Key and your done!

Phone Verification by RingCaptcha WooCommerce Plugin

Products Customizer Woocommerce Plugins

The customizer is a HTML5 canvas editor which can be used to customize logos, t-shirts, business cards, prints and any product which needs to be customized by the client before the order.

Woocommerce products customizer plugins

WooCommerce Sales Booster Plugins

Sales Booster is an amazing plugins that can and will increase your overall sales.
The plugins lets you promote your products in the right way.
Once activated all you need to do is to pick a product or select a random one and hit save.
In seconds you’ll have your product visible on all your website’s pages.
Sales Booster comes with some customization options so you can integrate it with your environment.

WooCommerce Sales Booster Plugin

Advanced Review Reminder WooCommerce Plugins

Gain visitors’ trust by generating more product reviews, ultimately improving social proof and increasing your store sales!
– Automated product review emails for completed orders Integrates with your shop e-mail style Personalize the email subject line and body with macros Opt-out link from reminder review emails.

Advanced Review Reminder WooCommerce Plugin

Wide Quick View WooCommerce Plugins

An exceptional way of viewing the products in 3 layouts.
This quick view opens the product content on same page with the seamless animation effect; and lets you read the description on one CLICK or TOUCH of the product.

Wide Quick View WooCommerce Plugin

Wishlist WooCommerce Plugins

This plugins Offer to your customers the possibility to add the products of your woocommerce store to a wishlist.

Wishlist WooCommerce Plugin

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